I am currently: not accepting new submissions. But, I am reading!
Average Review Time Frame: Greater than four weeks

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Review Requests:

Please include "Review Request" and the title of your work in your email's subject. When I receive your email I will get back to you. I currently accept: kindle, pdf and physical copies of your work for review. I will post all reviews on amazon and goodreads. If you would like me to post your review on an additional site just let me know. Please send your requests to: thewallflowerreview (at) gmail (dot) com

If you are submitting I recommend following my blog. Authors and poets who receive 4 or 5 stars will be contacted for additional recognition, and all authors with 3 stars and up will be notified about promotional opportunities for their current and future works. Thanks for choosing The Wallflower Review!

Please Read

 I am working on my current review list. Do not email me with new requests until I change my "I am currently" status to accepting submissions. Thank you!

Interview Requests:

Please include "Interview Request" and your name in the email's subject. I will post your interview on my blogs (The Wallflower Review, Goodreads) and feature it in my monthly ezine. 

Fiction Submissions (to be featured in my ezine and on this blog):

Please include the title of your work, its medium and its word count in the email subject. If you would like me to mention anything specific about your work such as: its part of a larger collection, your background information, what inspired your featured work, etc., please include a concise paragraph of that info for me in the body of your email.