Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It begins with a bloom...

Hello everyone! I'm Sherrod and I hope to post a multitude of reviews for your reading pleasure as requests come in. I have wanted to do this since my paranormal romance novel "From Heaven to Earth"  was published last year. As I searched high and low for reviewers and had little or no success, I decided very quickly that I wanted become a part of the indie community, not only as an author but as a reviewer. I have other plans in the works that will expand upon this blog and enhance the services I will provide for indie authors who are looking for exposure. I know from experience how impossible it may seem some days, wondering whether or not someone you've submitted your hard work to is going to follow through with their review. Novels deserve to be treated with respect, and I when you decide to submit here at The Wallflower Review that is what you will receive. I hope to positively influence the indie community and plan on doing everything I can to meet that goal. This is the beginning of something beautiful.

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