Thursday, March 20, 2014

John Heldt's: The Mine 5/5 stars

There are so many wonderful aspects within the pages of this novel. I don't know where to begin. I guess that's a good beginning as any: I'm at a loss for words.

The Mine sets a high standard for the romance genre. Its sci-fi undertones provide enigma and wonderment. I really have not read anything like it before. H.G. Well's, The Time Machine, was the best time-traveling novel I had read and my favorite sci-fi tale. I would dare say that this novel equaled what I felt when I finished that classic. My mouth hung open. My skin tingled. Simultaneously the hairs on my arm stood up. Heldt's prose holds that kind of power over a reader, as if some kind of mystical energy is channeled through his words as they are read and processed.

 Reader's will fall in love with Joel, one of The Mine's major characters. His sense of humor lights up every scene he is in. Joel's characterization fits the romance genre perfectly. I cannot say much about his character's progression without spoiling the plot, but I can say that his decisions throughout the novel are believable and make him a very dynamic character.

Heldt always provides well-thought out descriptions of his characters, using similes and metaphors to bring their most unique qualities into focus. His rendering of 1941 must make readers feel as if he, himself went back to the time period, took extensive notes and returned with the barebones of The Mine in hand. Indie authors: read The Mine if you are planning on writing anything romance related. Heldt will show you how its done.

I recommend The Mine for readers who enjoy thrilling romance novels: this one will take your breath away.

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  1. Excellent book! The rest in the series are good too!