Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shannon Hill's: Aesop's Ghost: 5/5 stars

Shannon Hill retells Aesop's fables by paying homage to the originals while breathing new life into them. His collection for ages 9+, Aesop's Ghost, features 31 stimulating tales. I recognized a few of his selections from when I first heard them as a boy. I don't have much criticism to offer, as most of the tales were very accessible. In this case my step-son Colin and his younger brothers, Alex and David assisted me with this review. Their only qualm was with the vocabulary in some instances, but honestly helping them discover new ways of perceiving the world starts with new words.

Hill's prose is clean, confident and witty. He relates Aesop's morals in a way that is readily explainable without a jarring prompt. (ie the moral of this story is...) I highly recommend this retelling of Aesop's fables for parents seeking engaging reading materials for their children, nine and up. Based on my children's interest, its readability and my own scrutiny; I gave Aesop's Ghost 5/5 stars.

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