Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Scott Spotson's: The Four Kings 5/5 Stars


Scott Spotson blends fantasy and political drama in his novel "The Four Kings", creating a present time sci-fi/fantasy universe unlike anything I've read before.

Spotson shoves his readers into his world and binds them with cords wound of solid world building and characterization, and a unique magic system as epic in scope as his vision of our Earth forever transformed by magic.

After reading the first ten pages of "The Four Kings", I realized that I was reading a novel that was in a class of its own, not just a work of prose but a work of art. In a matter of hours wizards dismantle modern government as we know it all over the world, and leave everyone wondering what their intentions really are. This central idea and it's decisive execution is sure to flabbergast readers. As for myself, the first chapter propelled me into a reading frenzy. I nearly read the entirety of the novel in a single sitting.

I find it hard to comment on specific aspects without giving the plot away. I will say that his decision to make his main protagonist a human who chooses to apply for the job of "Supreme Liason", that is, the human population's direct ambassador to the wizards now overseeing every aspect of their lives, was brilliant. This human, Amanda, represents the human population physically and metaphorically. Readers will empathize with Earth's fears and hopes through her experiences with the wizards, sharing their triumphs and shortcomings that redefine what it means to be human.

I have always considered fantasy as the genre I can relate to the most, and thus I have read quite a bit in my lifetime. If you enjoy fantasy, read this novel. Skeptics of fantasy and sci-fi may find themselves wondering what they have been missing after the first chapter of "The Four Kings".

I highly recommend this novel for anyone yearning for a unique read to sweep them off their feet and of course, lovers of fantasy and sci-fi. Five stars.

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