Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Aleks Srbinoski’s: "Destiny Defining Success" (5/5 stars)

            Success is a word that is often defined by the eye of the beholder. You can look at someone and see they are supporting themselves, or their family, sitting comfortably in the middle-class and say that is the image of “success” and imagine how happy that person is. But, what if they aren’t? What if such comfort is not what success is at all? Aleks Srbinoski’s “Destiny Defining Decisions” explores not only how to become a successful entrepreneur, but how to find the courage to discover yourself and a career that truly fits you. Such a discovery marries success and passion: true, fulfilling bliss.
            He relates his message with fervor and purpose. He is straightforward, easy to comprehend and well organized. His work includes eleven interviews conducted by Aleks himself centered around one integral question: what was the thought process behind the best life-changing decision you have ever made?
            These eleven success stories involve people that fought through factors in their lives to find the inner strength to sacrifice, turn a deaf ear to naysayers (sometimes including themselves), and look beyond an ocean of turbulence and failure to live those life-changing decisions. Readers will see that even these business leaders, best selling authors, freelancers, executive gurus, and fearless leaders of persuasion, speaking and marketing all had something in common to overcome: themselves.
            A few pages into the book I had the distinct impression that it was not written just for those interested in business. Finding your passion and the confidence to execute it is a concept everyone needs to learn about. “Destiny Defining Decisions” was inspirational for me on many levels. As an author, a father, and a hopeful entrepreneur I feel like I have gained volumes of insight from the 129 pages Srbinoski has provided.

            This is a must read for everyone who hopes to be something more than they are now. Indie authors, this includes you. Take the time to read what Aleks has compiled here. The information contained in “Destiny Defining Decisions” is nothing short of life changing. Five stars. 

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