Thursday, January 1, 2015

The first indie author to be featured on my 'Indie Must Reads' page!

Ken Christopher Ping

Author of "The Day the Tigers Broke Free" and "Once in a Blue Moon"

There are many indie authors that have wowed and surpassed even my expectations and some that are completely unaware that they have produced such excellence. That is why for my first entry, I am showcasing: Ken Christopher Ping.

One of the first works I reviewed was his short story collection "Once in a Blue Moon".

I requested that he write a feature himself for the collection, focusing on the third story in the trio, also titled "Once in a Blue Moon". He does not believe that writing such a feature will hold very much value and has given up on writing altogether after not receiving any success from his publication. Nor would he allow me to present even a short excerpt of the visually and emotionally thrilling tale, and so instead I offer a concise summary and my review.

"Once in a Blue Moon", for me, is a mythical tale about hope, faith and true love. When I say "true love" I mean two people from, two very different backgrounds have the capability not only to fall for each other, but to be a driving, conducive force in each others lives.

He illustrates this concept through the actions and reactions of Rainbow, a goddess not of love, but of color and vibrance. Though she has no direct power over love like Aphrodite, she believes, without a shadow of doubt, that she can bring two unlikely lovers together for the better, while many other gods jeer at her, calling her naïve.

"Once in a Blue Moon" is a stunning, beautiful story.

I have gifted the short story collection to you all, so you too can read it. As I said, it is the third and final story in the short collection.

How Rainbow uses her gifts of creativity and imagination to knock the gods themselves from their high horses reminds me of what we are all capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

 My mini review of "Once in a Blue Moon":

Once in a Blue Moon is enthralling and enchanting. Ping's characterization of the mythological made this installment my favorite of his three short stories instantly. Ping's prose spoke with sincerity, passion and confidence. His descriptions seem to explore themselves, delving into the subtle art of stream of consciousness. Ping is very gifted at expressing his settings, characters and ideas in this way. It gives his writing a certain signature. The quality of the writing is flawless in this installment. While the longest of the three tales, it moves with a deliberate fluidity. In short, it mesmerized and inspired me.

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