Tuesday, April 8, 2014

K.W. Benton's: Over Cast 3/5 stars


"Over Cast" by K.W Benton is a paranormal romance tale told from the point of view of G.J. Gardener. As a whole the story is very interesting. Benton draws from a number of well known paranormal phenomenon to create a fantastic setting for her characters to dwell in. 

My favorite aspect of this novel is how Benton veils the paranormal part of her universe and gradually introduces G.J. and her readers to it. Although, I do think the hints at the beginning of the novel are a bit subtle. "Over Cast" has great potential but lacks the definition required to fully attain that greatness.

There are multiple things that cause this clot in the overall delivery of the plot and narrative. Foremost, the plot is extremely non-linear. I feel like every chapter is episodic and does not add up to form a solid narrative. 

Benton does a good job progressing her characterization and makes it seem like every character deserves a place in her tale. 

Her protagonist has a little bit too much airtime when it comes to sharing her thoughts and feelings about her past life and the present. A lot of her dialogue and narration could be distilled to increase the overall drive of the narrative.

I decided to give this edition of "Over Cast" 3 stars. I urge lovers of young adult oriented paranormal romance to give this novel a try.

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