Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Scott Spotson and Sue Publicover's: Delusional 3/5 stars

Delusional by Scott Spotson and Sue Publicover is a romance blended with intrigue and a helping of the paranormal for good measure. The two lead female characters, Wendy and Patricia, propel the heated conflict of the novel.

 Wendy's characterization is the most alluring aspect of Delusional in my opinion, but of course discussing it would spoil the heart of the plot. I empathize with Wendy the most, and her potential as an antagonist kept me interested and reading. There are many aspects of Delusional that make the novel engrossing, but the flow is constantly bogged down by overwriting. In Delusional's case, there are instances where I can readily see why the authors would deem it necessary as a tool to express personality, but when it prevents narrative fluidity, other methods of character development should be explored.

 Spotson and Publicover show their potential with Delusional, and I recommend it for readers looking for a unique romance.

 While I enjoyed the novel, overwriting really clouded up the quality of the prose, therefore, I rated Delusional at 3/5 stars.

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