Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Edmond Sun covers: From Heaven to Earth

Ideas flow onto a page for Sherrod Wall.
“From Heaven to Earth” is his first novel of “The Faith of the Fallen” series of a supernatural tale of God’s weakening and eventual death.
Paranormal entities in the universe want to take over his throne. Characters are thrown into a tailspin caused by a power vacuum, Wall said.
“I try to focus more on the emotional conflicts that go on with all the characters as well, not just all the action that usually comes from a war of that magnitude,” said Wall, who will turn 30 Sunday.
Interacting with humans are angels, demons and half-breeds. Readers will find they have existed at all times on earth, Wall said. Supernatural connections with mankind leave humans unknowing that some of them are from the bloodline of angels and demons.
“It mostly takes place in present day, but I have a lot of flashbacks that explain different mind-sets of the characters,” Wall said. “It just tries to get to the heart of who they are so readers can empathize with them throughout the whole book.”
“From Heaven to Earth” is the author’s first book to be published. Wall is in the editing process of a sequel to the novel titled “From Earth to Hel.l.” However, he traces his journey as a novelist to the time he was a 4-year-old in Houston, scribbling fantasy short stories about dragons, knights and wizards.
“Fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres,” he said.
Wall knew he was a writer in the fifth grade when a teacher encouraged him to share his writing. So Wall would sit down with this short stories and read to his class.
“I was really nervous about it,” he recalled. “I think that’s when I knew because everyone was always so interested in what I had to say. I didn’t think it was that interesting. I thought it was just having a good time.”
Wall now approaches his writing style with being as minimalist as possible with dialogue and descriptions to achieve balance, he said.
“That way, I’ll always have fluidity with the whole book,” said Wall, who in 2007 earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Studies in from the University of Central Oklahoma.
He tries to be meticulous with his choice of words, in order to be as precise as possible. Wall’s writing surprises him at times as characters develop unforeseen story lines.
“That’s probably the most interesing aspect of writing for me and probably the thing that makes it most exciting,” Wall said. He lets the lives of his characters seemingly come to life by making their own judgement calls.
“What’s natural for them or what’s not breathes a lot of life into the book value that we wouldn’t expect to be there at certain points,” Wall said.
Wall wants to be successful for his family. He and his wife Brooke live in Edmond with their four children including Karoline, Colin, Alex, and David.
The 532-page book is a product of Ensenada Publishing and is available on Amazon Kindle Edition for $2.99. Physical copies of “From Heaven to Earth” will be available in two to three months at Barnes &Noble Booksellers.

For more information on the author and "From Heaven to Earth", search "From Heaven to Earth Sherrod Wall" on amazon.com.

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